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Connect to Kindness is a regional campaign to encourage more people to be kind to each other. You can make a pledge, attend an online session, join our platform and help someone out - the campaign is here...and it starts with you! 

The campaigns 5 key messages are: 

  • Kindness is for everyone - kindness is inclusive, it knows no barriers or discrimination and is for everyone
  • Kindness is good for you - medical research has proven that being kind and, receiving kindness has a positive physical effect on us. 
  • Kindness connects us - it brings us together and helps us share 
  • Kindness protects us - it has been proven that being kind and receiving kindness helps us to live longer, happier lives
  • Kindness is inspiring - When others are kind, we are more likely to be kind ourselves

Click here to get started 

Lee Hind | 28th Jul 2020

We'd love to hear any stories you have about kindness - acts of kindness done by you, or done to you, we'd love to hear them all. If you're happy to have those published we can do that and name you or, we can use the story anonymously. 


Stories can be sent to lee.hind@pavs.org.uk 

Get involved in activities, share on social networks, or yourself.

Get involved! 

Visit our website - www.connecttokindness.wales - check out the info and everything you can do to show your kindness. 

Support as an individual

Click the button below to visit your profile and update it to show your support. Remember, if you make an exchange on here, you can tag it to show that your exchange supports the campaign. 

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view member profile "Lee Hind"

Lee Hind

Digital Time Bank Development
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6 Credits

I work for PAVS and manage all time bank related activity. I'm happy to answer any questions about the way ther platform works.  I live in Haverfordwest and am able to drive - I'm happy to help with most tasks, fitting them around my full time  ... Read more

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view member profile "Joshua Beynon"
3 badges

Joshua Beynon

Time banking support officer
1 Activities
5 Connections
9 Credits

I'm Josh. I'm 23 years old. I have lived in Pembroke Dock all of my life and generations of my family have. I'm a County Councillor with Pembrokeshire County Council and also a Time Banking Support Officer with PAVS. I'm into my fitness and plan to  ... Read more

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view member profile "Rose Seymour"

Rose Seymour

Engagement Support Officer - Newport
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