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Our County is full of amazing individuals and groups that do so much to help the communities we all live in. Now more than ever during the Coronavirus pandemic we wanted to showcase some of the good news stories from across our County.

Saundersfoot Connect

What happens when a small South Pembrokeshire village is faced with a global pandemic? They get themselves together and figure out a way to manage the needs of their citizens!


Featured Project: Community PPE

When the Coronavirus pandemic first began, a series of volunteers from across communities in Pembrokeshire pulled together to support key workers and volunteers to make around 2500 pieces of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. Click on the 'Find out more' button below to learn more about this project. 


Tin Man Tuesdays

A project born in Narberth and now opened up for communities all over Pembrokeshire to take part! Start your journey by clicking the button below.


PAVS Volunteer Awards

The PAVS Awards 2020 are open for nominations! This year with brand new categories - all of the information you need to nominate your group or individual is via the button below:


Gwyndaf Lewis

Ironman, Gwyndaf ran 50k in memory of his mum Undeg Lewis who they said goodbye to after contracting Covid-19. He has raised over £32,000 in less than a month for the NHS at the time of writing this. 

Undeg was the Community Council clerk in Crymych and such a community champion for all the societies she volunteered for. She will be greatly missed by many.

Gwyndaf has shown incredible strength and has put his time into raising money to help others despite all that has happened to him and his family.

By clicking on donate here, you can donate to Gwyndaf's just giving page.



Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship have been feeding, clothing and loving those in need since 2008 and their reach across Pembrokeshire is as wide as the affection with which they are held and the respect we have for all that they do. 

Patch’s small army of 65 volunteers work tirelessly alongside professional Health Workers, Support Agencies, CAB, and Social Services. The Patch commitment to helping others extends to practically every supermarket in Pembrokeshire who gift them food items to redistribute to those who would most likely otherwise go without. 

You can support Patch by dropping a few food items in their collection basket near the door at your local supermarket or by clicking on the 'Donate here' button and gifting them with some much needed money.



The wonderful 6 year old Bea from Camrose wears gardening gloves instead of capes as most heroes do!

During her first week of home schooling, Bea planted some seeds at home. She decided that any spare plants could be sold and the money donated to the Withybush COVID-19 appeal. Within 2 hours Bea’s plant stall at the end of her drive had totally sold out, raising a fantastic £30! With further donations from family members including Mum Tammy and Dad John, Bea’s fundraising reached £50!

A big thanks to the Camrose community for their support, everyone is super proud of Bea’s achievement. Our youngest hero so far! We thought it would be a good idea to share some helpful gardening tips for those green fingered out there. Just click on 'Gardening tips' for more information.


Pembrokeshire Panniers

The Pembrokeshire Panniers are a newly formed group of mature Motorcycle riders distributing PPE, scrubs, fabric uniform bags and face masks and headbands. They also distribute loose fabric and collect finished items from home sewers to co-ordinators for onward distribution. Their aim is to distribute PPE to clinics, GP's surgeries, care and nursing homes as well as the mainstream hospitals across Pembrokeshire. Most deliveries are made on a 24 or 48 hour basis and provided on a voluntary basis

When asked how it feels to be a part of the group David Stewart-Walvin said he and others feel a ‘ great feeling of accomplishment when we make deliveries as, to a person, everyone is so appreciative of what we've delivered and how we've delivered them.  Getting a "biker courier" turn up is quite something and neighbours and villagers often come out to wave.’

If you want to know more, click on the button below.


Vicky Glanville - Pembrokeshire Next Door

My name is Vicky and I've been volunteering in numerous ways for a few years. More recently, due to Covid-19, I've started helping via my local community in Narberth, collecting and delivering perscriptions and shopping, I've helped via Pembrokeshire Nextdoor doing people's shopping and delivering it and have also been collecting and delivering PPE for Tarian Cymru.
I'm really enjoying supporting as best as I can and hope that I'm making a small difference to those who need it, in this difficult time. Volunteering always gives me a positive feeling - it helps build my confidence and develops important skills, such as communication, problem solving, team work etc with new people. 


Connecting together

A lady was referred to a Delta Wellbeing Officer by a PAVS Community Connector who had recently visited her home and realised due to her range of health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis and frequent falls, she would benefit from an early intervention care system by having an enhanced lifeline and in-turn receive regular pro-active wellbeing calls.

The Wellbeing officer made contact with the lady and built up a rapport in order to understand  how she was managing her day-to-day life and how this was affecting her overall wellbeing. Together, a wellbeing assessment was created.  The lady shared her love for singing, how she used to write her own lyrics and how she would like to learn to speak welsh. It transpired, the lady would benefit from connecting to others in the community and would like to be digitally connected.

After re-connecting with the lady since having the alarm installation, she feels reassured and more secure in her own home knowing there is someone at the end of the line should she fall or need assistance.  ‘It is an absolute lifeline to her.’

The lady is also keen to engage on the digital pathway that the Connect project has to offer by agreeing to use the small tablet.  Guided by a Delta Wellbeing officer, she will be shown step-by-step how to use the tablet such as playing games or connecting digitally to friends and family.  It will be a chance for her to improve her digital skills through  usage of the easy-to-use tiles and very importantly it will aid to improving her overall wellbeing of staying connected and learning something new.


Do you have a good news story to share?

We know you may have your own good news story - and we would love to share it!

To get in touch, contact Josh at or via the platform 


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